“I lost touch with my customers…”

Sounds painfully familiar? What do you know about your customer #50 and up? Who are they? How are they? And where are they? What do you know about them so you can serve them better. How can you make them feel more than just an number? As your SaaS business grows, the personal touch often gets left behind. Your product grows and so does your team. But it's possible to give your 1000th customer the same experience as your 50th customer.

From customers to fans

As your SaaS business grows, you know that customer retention beats customer acquisition… by a mile. Otherwise it’s like a bucket with holes in the bottom, that you continue to fill with water. Making your customers feel welcome, heard and valuable is the secret ingredient of calm, successful and profitable companies. With Helptail you can get insights in who your customers are, delight them in surprising ways and automate tasks to decrease churn and save you and your team time.

Put “customer” back in CRM

Know what the C in CRM stands for? “Customer”! Not something you could tell from most available CRMs. Helptail is for your customers, not leads. It helps you find all the details about who your customers are, how long they’ve been a customer and insights about what they write about on their blog and social media.

Insightful to be delightful

Connect to third-party apps, like Stripe, Intercom and others to be notified about important events. From an anniversary, to a hiccup with your app or a new newsletter subscription. Your Helptail dashboard is the epicentre of all these details to see how your customers go and feel about your app. Amazing customer support doesn’t just react, they act. With help from Helptail.

showing the various integrations within Helptail, like Stripe, Mailchimp and Sentry

Automation (aka delegate to your Helptail bot assistant)

Automation included. Save time, win hearts. From sending an anniversary email to thank them for their business, or retweet/favourite a tweet they were mentioned in or wish them happy holidays through your Intercom chat. Did they just sign up? Add them to a drip campaign to familiarise them with your product. Your Helptail bot is monitoring numerous events around the clock to automate all these actions to help you turn every customer into a fan.

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