How it works

Helptail is your dashboard, your epicentre and your assistant to be more pro-active with your customer relations in your SaaS. All without the need of a huge customer support team. Being pro-active instead of passive towards your communication with your customers helps you tremendously with retention. Here’s how it works.

Step 1 Add integrations

Helptail integrates with the products you already use and love. From Stripe, to Twitter, to Sentry to Mailchimp. All these products hold valuable and actionable data about your customers. Connect with Stripe to get subscription data, like how long they are a customer. Connect with Sentry to see which customers faced a bug within your app. Or add Mailchimp to see which customer is subscribed to your newsletter. These (and many more integrations) are the foundation to understand your customers relationship with you very well.

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showing the various integrations within Helptail, like Stripe, Mailchimp and Sentry

Step 2 Track events

A key part within Helptail are events that bubble from your integrations. Events can be a subscriptions renewal, a subscription anniversary, a new customer, an error report or an unsubscribe from your newsletter. The dashboard of Helptail shows you these events in chronological order per day.

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Preview of the events overview within Helptail. Grouped by day.

Step 3 Setup automation

Helptail gives you suggestions for actions and messages to send to your customers. Customer just subscribed to one of your plans? Add them to a drip campaign to help them get the most out of your app. Did they cancel? Send a quick goodbye note to thank them for their business. Did one of your customers just publish a great article? Why not share it with your audience on Twitter? This and many more delightful automations are included within Helptail.

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Preview of some of the automations within Helptail.

Unique customer support

With the automation set up, you can now focus on nurturing your customers. Did some of your customers stumble upon a bug? Send a personal email when the bug is fixed or favourite some thought-provoking tweets from one of your customers.

Increase life-time value

Successful SaaS companies know that great customer support makes all the difference. Highly successful SaaS companies know that being pro-active and going the extra mile will turn customers into fans. With Helptail this is now in reach for even the smallest teams.

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