Customer relations. Email marketing. Automation. Customer life cycle messaging. It’s all here.

Growing your business is tough. But it’s significant harder if your customer retention is like a bucket of water with holes in the bottom. Helptail improves the relationship with your customer, by providing multiple tools that helps you and even automate tasks.

CRM for Stripe

Your customer knows likely a ton about you. But what do you know about your customer? Connect your Stripe account to Helptail and you get instant insights about each and every customer. Which company it is, how long they’ve been with you, how much they’ve spent, the social accounts they’re active on and their blog and Twitter feed.

And if you connect with any of the other integrations you get even more insights!

Customer life cycle messaging

Customer life cycle messaging on autopilot. Connect with your Stripe account and with just a few clicks you are good to go. Want to send a welcome email when a customer buys something? Done. Want to add them to an email sequence to help them get started with your product? Done too. Send a “thank you”-note on their 1-year anniversary? Also done. No developer-time needed. Just a few clicks.

Integrations with the tools you already use

Your company runs on many different tools. Helptail lets you integrate with many of them to get the most valuable insights about your customers from it and even improve the value of these insights. Stripe serves as the foundation. It’s the basis for all payment related data. Some of the other integrations include:

mailchimp logo


Are they subscribed to your newsletter? And how often across multiple employees? What’s the open rate? When did they unsubscribe? If they are not subscribed: nudge them to do so in your transactional emails (in your welcome sequence, for instance).

twitter logo


Do they already follow you? Of do you follow them? See all their tweets at a glance or one by one in your customer’s feed. Favourite or retweet, manually or automate it. Or maybe send a welcome’s tweet (to get their attention to your account).

intercom logo


How often has your customer contacted you via chat? Quickly see these details in your Helptail dashboard and as notes in Intercom. Have any special data, like holidays, anniversaries and more, synced from Helptail right into Intercom.

sentry logo


Did your customer stumble upon a bug recently? Or multiple? Get the stats immediately and act, without lifting a finger, by sending a short email when a bug gets resolved.

Automate tasks that have more impact

While you shouldn’t automate everything in a business (human connection should not be underestimated!). Certain tasks are done better by computers. Helptail lets you find important events, like holidays, so you can send a quick note about it or thank them for their first, or even fifth, anniversary with you. This could be in a quick chat message via Intercom, a short line in your newsletter (unique for them) or as a separate email. Did they close their subscription? Have an email automatically sent to them to ask for some quick feedback.

All small bits of delight for your customer.

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